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Making veggie growing SIMPLE!

The best veggies are definitely homegrown ones! 

You can't beat the feeling of security, and sense of achievement that comes from producing your own healthy food supply.

Keen gardeners and neighbours Steve & Carly simplify the process for you by nurturing your seedlings in a spray-free environment, and handing them over to you in a fully biodegradable pot, to plant straight into your garden.


Ovens Farm was born through a mutual love of growing things and a desire to bring healthy, vibrant, spray free, seasonal veggie seedlings to the community in an environmentally friendly way.

Steve recently returned to farm life after a career in education which enabled him to work in most states of Australia. This included the privilege of serving in a remote indigenous community for seven years. Currently Steve is pursuing his interest in regenerative farming practices, part of which includes growing healthy food for his family.

Carly is a mum of 3, and currently studying Cert III in Horticulture. With a keen interest in health and gardening, growing veggies was a natural progression and learning how to bring you the tastiest and most abundant varieties now a growing passion. 

Steve & Carly would like to acknowledge and thank gardening and horticulture guru, Steve Wood for his advice, support and generous sharing of knowledge.

Check out Steve's awesome podcast "All The Dirt"


We are excited to share our beautiful seedlings with you.

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